High-class curvy, bbw companion & escort in London, Paris, Dubai & NY


Ivy is undeniably London’s prettiest thick, phat, curvy BBW escort. Available in London, NY & worldwide offering luxury high-end companionship; her big bottom is a delight to admire, a true British hourglass. Educated and charming she likes to indulge all the naughty things including anal, squirting, foot fetish, spanking, feedee and watersports, discipline & sensual domination. A cultured temptress and pervert, Ivy Grace is fantastic date material.

General FAQ's


My Body

How Curvy are You? 
I'm a big strong woman. My hourglass shape is 48” at its widest. My broad hips pull into a tidy 32” waist and my ample bosom is an E cup.

Statistics - 36E-32-48” | UK Sz 14-16 / US Sz 12-14

Is your bum really that big? Yes, yes, it really is. It's all natural too. 

You appear to be smaller than before, what’s happened? It’s true, I am a little smaller. I've leaned out the bits in-between the curves through a committed program of yoga, horse riding & weightlifting. I weigh the same but my silhouette is sleeker, legs stronger and my baby six-pack is coming along nicely under its soft layer of fat - Ha! There’s still plenty to hold onto and I still like to indulge in long dinners and breakfast in bed.

Why do you hide your face? I like to be as discreet as possible. I have other professional interests outside the world of companionship and often the two collide. I also travel extensively and this allows some anonymity from prying eyes of the law. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. My face is my best feature, perhaps only second to my bottom! 

What services do you provide? I provide all services that are safe and clean. Deep throat aside, I'm quite a skilled young woman & I adore sex in all its forms. I'm blown away by my body's abilities, it'll be a pleasure to share these with you. 

Do you have friends you like to play with? I have lots of friends worldwide who are simply perfect playmates. Do checkout my Lovers & Friends page.

My Mind

What did you study? I studied Art at a London university and still have interests in this area. 

What are you really like? Check out my twitter to get an uptodate idea of my outward monologue.

What do you like doing for fun? Besides working out and riding horses, I love walking, dining & visiting galleries and shows - especially in new cities. I'm a big fan of live music too! I like to read and you'll often find me soaking up the atmosphere, watching the world go by, drinking coffee with a good book. 

What are you reading? I'm very involved with a book called the The Bees. A fantastic heroes journey and matriarchal tale. I'm also reading a Lonely City by Olivia Laing, she describes artworks that resonate with different emoutional states all city-dwellers experience and how it can create connections.

Why are you a Companion? I love the autonomy and opportunities this profession provides. Managing my own time, meeting amazing people and travelling the world, are all things I highly value. This job creates the perfect balance for these things to co-exist. Let's not forget to mention, it clearly also satisfies my over-whelming sexual appetite.

What turns you on? I'm a sapiosexual, so I put this question in the mind column. I love bright, intelligent, sexually enlightened, polite humans - it's a massive turn on.  

Further to this however is a little list for fun! In no particular order a few of my favourite things:

Exotic whiskey / Rose gold / Tall gingers / Anyone who can sing beautifully / Powerful showers / Sunset & Sunrise / Firm handshakes / Germaphobes and well groomed bits / Canes / Storytellers / Intelligence / Nipples / Strong legs / Autonomy / Grounded types / Humour / Warm rain / Afternoon romps, followed by naps / Dirty dancing / Fast cars / Men's aftershave / Dark sexy sculpture / Sexy steel toys and collars

My preferences

Will you travel to xyz? I would be delighted to meet you anywhere within reason & funds permitting. Do send me a proposal and let’s make it happen. 

Do you see xyz men? My tastes are very varied and I never discriminate -  this applies to all sexes, age, race, nationality and disability. Sometimes there are cultural differences - knowing where you come from provides the opportunity for me to manage our expectations and have a deeper understanding your desires.

Why are your prices higher than other girls? The answer is simple, because I am worth it. I choose to offer my company because I have a genuine love of sex. I am intelligent, educated and have other businesses and interests to amuse me. My time is not available to all and the attention and quality of our experience together always reflects this. I am warm and sensual beyond your wildest dreams, 100% all real woman. Above all else, my smile will leave you in no doubt that I am glad to see you and this pocket of happiness really is Priceless x

Why don't you publish your phone number widely or answer my calls? I receive a lot of time wasting calls and prefer to screen these by receiving a proper introduction or requests via text or email. I will save your number and then be happy to speak with you and maintain contact once we are acquainted. 

Do you have expectations for our date? I only request that you act as a gentleman. It is courteous to offer your guest a drink and the opportunity to freshen up on arrival. I don't expect to be pounced on the minute I arrive. I also expect that you will honour any agreements we have made. 

Do you do webcam? I have been asked this a lot recently and it’s something I’m considering for existing Patrons in far away places & for my Subs. Do let me know if this is of interest and we can discuss. 

Do you do filming? Sadly, I don't offer filming for the same reasons I don't show my face. I like to be in control of my images and my brand. 

Do you offer exclusive arrangements? Again, this is something I have been asked recently. It is something I would certainly consider with the right Patron. I am a business woman and a lover at the end of the day. It would have to be a mutually agreeable proposal.