High-class curvy, bbw companion & escort in London, Paris, Dubai & NY


The refined BBW Curvy Courtesan, Ivy Grace requires your best behaviour. In return she will provide the most delicious, sexy & attentive high-class dominate & escort service. Her ample bubble butt deserves worshiping and her beauty and charm will seduce you. The most attractive whoof and phatness in town. This curvy plus-size call girl is worth every penny: her sophisticated manner will not disappoint.

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Etiquette &

Essential Reading


Our Date

I reside in in London but I travel often and I’m always delighted to arrange a fly-me-to-you date or see if I can meet you wherever you are, on my next adventure. If we are meeting in my city, I’m happy to curate our date and suggest some places to play.

It’s important that you tell me as much as you can about the details of our date. I want to entertain your wildest (and simplest)desires, but you’ll need to tell me what they are. I have a dedicated Kink Advisory which may be worth perusing for some ideas, if you're so inclined. 

I prefer outcalls and usually dress discreetly in sexy professional attire. If you'd prefer to see me a bit more casual, in jeans and a tight top, just let me know. Of course, I can change into all manner of sexy things once we're behind closed doors. 

It is unlikely that I will be able to meet at short notice or same day, so please, where possible, plan our engagement in advance.

I may request a deposit (and screening if travelling) to confirm our date. This is can be put towards our next meeting: should you need to reschedule (with up to 24 hrs notice).


General FAQ's

For specific details about My Body, My Mind & My Preferences. 


wishlists & gifts

Definitely not expected but most certainly always appreciated!

I always love scented candles, white lilies / colourful tulips or bottles of whiskey.

My favourite designers are Chloe, YSL, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy & Fendi for handbags, coats & shoes. My favourite perfumes are Dolce & Gabbana Parfums Velvet Desert Oud. Woody, Oud and Rose like fragrances are my favourites and I have an aversion towards sickly sweet aromas. I'm quite sensitive to scents, so please bare that mind.

Maybe you would like to obtain something specific for our date? A new pair of heels (7 UK), a sexy new paddle or a new lingerie set (36E/ UK Sz.16 / XL)? Or perhaps you simply want to surprise me by gifting me something I really need (I'm currently amassing Dungeon Equipment for a new space and am always collecting photography apparel). Please take a moment to peruse My Wishlist and allow enough time for an item to arrive, if it is for our mutual enjoyment.


Rates & Pricing

My pricing reflects my preference for longer dates and my particular Courtesan offering. I’m delighted to have an afternoon quickie, but please don’t ask me to adjust my prices to suit your needs. PSE, Party & Kink scenarios can be discussed and will be bespokely priced.

International rates have adjustments to include my costs for travel, screening and dispensation for additional risks.

Almost all of my patrons become 'regulars'. For those who become part of my Private Circle, I often extend a preferential rate based on the level of commitment one has to see me.



Cash is always preferred, but Pre-payments are now greatly appreciated.

How to offer a Cash Donation:

My Place - Place the fee in an envelope on the table in clear view.

Your Hotel Room - Place it on display in the bathroom so I can excuse myself at the beginning of our session.

Meeting in Public - Discreetly pass it to me in an envelope or make a pre-payment before the booking.

For deposits, longer engagements & prepayments, I accept Bank Transfers, PayPal, Transferwise, Western Union, Bitcoin and Gift Cards. Online transfers will need to be cleared 2 hrs before our meeting. Cash in foreign currency and payments through PayPal & Transferwise will incur a 7% levy and please allow 2 days minimum for the payment to clear.


Incall / Outcall

I prefer Outcalls to high-end hotels. They are discreet, have security and usually offer a sumptuous surrounding to get lost in together. I will need your full name & room number to confirm the booking, by discreetly ringing the concierge.

I will gladly visit you at your private residence after our initial introduction.

On occasion, I host Incalls - usually in an upmarket hotel in Central London. If you would like to know when I am hosting, please sign up for my Updates on the Contact page. I am also happy to arrange an Incall location at your convenience and cost (£75-£200 depending on the type of date). Deposits will be required to secure the room & please request the date in advance.

If you would like to see me urgently during the day, I would recommend looking at day-use availability at London hotels. Their rates are very preferable and I will visit you as an Outcall.


Meeting in Public

It’s so sexy to flirt over cocktails and discuss the filthy night ahead, but please remember to keep physical flirtations to a discreet level in public. The last thing we want is to draw attention to ourselves. Allow our private time to be private.


Duos & Playdates

Always so much fun! I have a hotlist of ladies & gentleman I like to play with. Please be aware that there will be two dairies to juggle & two sets of etiquette to consider. I’m open to your suggestions or invitations to play with others, including you wife or husband - tell me your ideas!


National Engagements

A minimum 3 hr private booking (plus travel costs) are required for bookings outside London.


International Engagements & Touring

I love to travel and offer bespoke pricing & etiquette guidelines for Fly-me-to-you arrangements. I will be touring over the next year to the US, Canada, Australia, India & the Middle East - please sign up for my Updates on the Contact page for up-to-date information. 

I take screening very seriously when I travel, please be prepared to provide screening details, references and deposits. 



Being selective with my encounters means that it is likely that I have declined other offers to confirm my date with you. Asking for a deposit (normally 25%) allows me to plan our time together and reserve this time for you alone. Deposits are usually requested for new patrons, arranging Incall locations & dungeons, national / international engagements, longer dates and duo playdates.



Emergencies sometimes happen. If you do need to cancel and have paid a deposit, I will hold onto it for a future rendezvous. If you sadly provide 24 hours or less notice, you will forfeit your full deposit. If you haven’t paid a deposit, a cancellation fee is always appreciated as a gesture of goodwill.

In the unlikely event that I have to reschedule, your deposit is 100% refundable and I will usually offer some form of recompense in the form of some social time added on to our next date.



I am open to all forms of play that are safe and clean. My offering as a Courtesan presents the most unforgettable GFE. I am not a porn star, so please don’t expect hardcore deep throating skills (God knows, I’ve tried & I wish I could). However; if you don’t ask, you don’t get. If you have a particular activity in mind, please discuss this with me beforehand: so I can plan accordingly. PSE, Party & Kink scenarios can be discussed and will be bespokely priced.



My Mistress services are becoming quite legendary. If you are so inclined, it may be wise to seek some form of my governance. As a Submissive I have my own broad limitations regarding pain thresholds, but everything is open to discussion. Bespoke pricing is available for higher-level play.


Screening & Safety

I often request some form of screening, especially when on tour. I am lucky that I live in a country where my occupation is legal. When working in other places where this differs, I take more precautions and requests higher fees. Safety and privacy is paramount - please respect my request for verification and trust that your identity is completely safe with me. I am interested in building relationships with my patrons and for this discretion is a key.

You may be asked to provide - A photo of your ID with your name & photo (other details may be blocked out). A link to your work linkedin or an email from your work address to anonymous email, with a link to an online article about the industry you work in. This will of course be completely confidential. And/or two recent referrals.   

If you have somehow made my Blacklist, it is for good reason and I have no desire to see you again. Please do not contact me under false identities & different numbers: it wastes both our time. I have a long memory and you will be reported to Ugly Mugs and my wider network. 



Don’t be offended if I ask you to freshen up upon arrival. It is likely you have travelled to meet me and at the very least, it is polite to wash one's hands.



I have only recently listed myself on avenues where reviews are commonplace but it's not something I encourage; I find them on the whole, to be quite vulgar. I come highly-recommended. Should you want a reference, several of my patrons / playmates would be glad to advise.


More About Me

I lead a diverse and curious existence and expect you to respect my privacy as much as I do yours. We all have goals and aspirations - just know that our meeting is supporting my commitment to do greater things and create a meaningful legacy beyond the wonderful memories we will make together.